Light Nite – The Freemium Bitcoin Battle Royale

Light Nite is the latest Freemium Battle Royale game with a fresh twist! The more you play and shoot opponents, the more chances you can acquire bitcoin, and all in-game items have real value. The Lighting network provides access to instant payouts of the bitcoins you have earned in the game. The game is in the final stages of Gold Release and can be downloaded from the Elixir platform. On this bitcoin-focused gaming platform, you can exchange certain in-game stuff for bitcoins, starting a new revolutionary concept in which, you earn to play different games.

As the game is finally going gold, let's discuss some recent updates before the season pass arrives in a few months.

Recent Updates Since August’21:

Light Nite Devs announced the upcoming Evolve Series in Novermber’21 that is set around training aspiring players for the future big-time events in the coming year to build up skills and be ready for the biggest events of Light Nite. This activity will lead to the Championship Series for squads and Hodler Cup for solo players. This is geared towards a more competitive ecosystem where the best players battle it out against each other for fame and prizes.

The October update is a piece of great news since recently Steam withdrew the access for PlaytoEarn game modelled games like Light Nite to put a storefront on its store. This withdrawal saddened many fans; nonetheless, the game is going strong in Alpha and can be played on the Elixir Launcher.

With the summer update, the developers finally helped launch the first version of Battle Royale with a few recoils and missions. Many new features were implemented thanks to great feedback from the community while solving several issues. This update included a ranked mode and Play2Earn mode, while other features included better UI and added some cosmetics.

This update was also the first time the game was integrated with the Elixir account, so players can log in with the Elixir account to gain free bitcoin and other rewards. Along with this integration, the Devs introduced many updates to skin management and purchase, adding particle effects for rare and premium skins, some of which can be sold in the market.

This update also added the options to run by default or be stealthy while walking, fixing some problems with the Sniper rifle, and adding some premium items effects in-game. With the inclusion of battle royale mode, auto pick weapon function was also introduced, plus weapon balancing and indicating the damage done.

Not to mention, this update introduced for the first time some awesome legendary skins made for the winners of the championship, allowing them to name it themselves along with Bionic Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakapepe and Jack the Rabbit.

The Devs added a lot into this massive update, especially the Play2Earnmodel, which were tied to missions in different multiplayer modes and set some daily reward limits. You can earn bitcoins in missions and some modes like Ranked modes that include Ranked Battle Royale Solo & Squad and Ranked Team Deathmatch.