? Summer 2021 Update

We're so thrilled to inform you about these patch notes. This is the first version of the Battle Royale, so we ask you to be patient with the Light Nite team while we keep improving it. There is still a lot of work to be done such as recoil & missions. But we hope you guys are happy such as we are with this progress!

New features have been implemented or modified according to our community's feedback and the game's developers managed to fix several issues. We will keep improving our loved game Light Nite. We hope you keep supporting us!


  • First BATTLE ROYALE version is now available! Ranked and Play2earn game modes
  • NEW play2earn model https://blog.lightnite.io/play2earn/
  • A new room browser will enable the users to check all rooms in a single list. Also, all game modes will be displayed selecting "All" in a dropdown menu
  • Users will be able to set their preferred mouse sensitivity with a number, adjusting the sensitivity bar. The sensitivity being associated to a number makes it easier to remember or share it with the others
Mouse sensitivity number
  • A new ingame section enable the users to preview their hoverboards as well as other equipment, in "Equip Items">"Other"
  • Elixir ? account is now integrated with Light Nite. Players don't need to login anymore.
  • Steam players who have installed builds earlier than v0.3.9.3 will have to claim their session (link the Steam account to an existing Light Nite account)
Steam account link to an existing Light Nite account.
  • In-game Shop (the NFT market). Players will be able to purchase the NFT with the balance. Assets can be purchased multiple times and there is a stack count showing at the bottom-right corner
In-game Shop example
  • Premium & Rare NFTs

NFTs that are premium & rare now emit particle effects. Item slots of premium & rare have a color in the menus

Light Nite - Premium & Rare NFTs
  • Dismantle & Assemble NFTs

Players will be able to dismantle NFTs to assamble a better NFT randomly.

Common > Premium > Rare.

Light Nite - Dismantle & Assemble NFT

Common dismantle reward: 1 common fragment

Premium dismantle reward: 1 premium fragment

Rare dismantle reward: 1 rare fragment

Premium assembly cost: 150 common fragments

Rare assembly cost: 100 premium fragments

  • New menu (multiplayer & single player)

⚡ Join games that are waiting for players with the quick play button.


  • Aim Down Sights

Some new aiming mecanics have been added to the game. Pressing down and holding the right mouse button you can bring the camera closer to your character's shoulder. Players can change the camera angle. Pressing ‘Z’ the camera will swap from one shoulder to the other.  

  • Running/walking feature

Players run now by default and walk by pressing Left-Shift key (remappable in Settings). Just like crouching, walking doesn't generate step sounds.

  • Snipe rifle

Players can now scope with the sniper rifle. Zoom x4 when aiming with sniper rifle.

Headshot - 200 damage
Body - 100 damage
Arms - 70 damage
Legs - 50 damage

Reload time: 4.5 seconds

Bullets in clip: 1 bullet

Light ⚡ Nite - Sniper Rifle
  • Red cross when weapon is blocked by an object

If the player weapon will get block from an obstacle the player will get a cross.

Light Nite - Red cross when getting block
  • Cosmetic effects for PREMIUM and RARE assets in battlefield

When the player is currently holding a PREMIUM or a RARE weapon on hand, there will be a cosmetic effect on player’s avatar. When a PREMIUM or a RARE weapon has been dropped on the floor, there will be a cosmetic effect on the pickup item.

  • Auto-looting mechanism in battlefield

When holding any firearm with at least one ammo left in magazine, or a crossbow. It enables the auto-looting that keeps snatching all near-by pickups. The radius of the auto-looting range depends on the rarity of the weapon: COMMON: 2, PREMIUM: 4, RARE: 8.

Auto-looting only works when there are empty slots left in player’s inventory. Items manually thrown away by the player are excluded from auto-looting for a short while (10 seconds).

Auto-looting with RARE weapon

Player can manually turn auto-looting on/off during battle by pressing "F" (remappable in Settings).

  • Damage indicator

When you are receiving damage you will see a red indicator on your HUD. This will help you realize where are they firing you from.

Light Nite - Damage indicator
  • Weapon balancing

We tried to balance all the weapons. We are getting closer where we think that weapons are balanced and have different viable weapons. We hope you can enjoy the plasma rifle!

  • Controller commands have been corrected and improved.
  • You can now hear the other players' footsteps over a longer distance.
  • The grenade launcher's projectiles have been completely changed.


These are the first Light Nite legendary skins. These skins are specially made for the winners of the first Light Nite ? Championship . They chosen the design and also had the possibility to name it!

Light Nite - Bionic Bitcoin

RAWBLITZ legendary skin Bionic Bitcoin, winner of EUROPE.

Light Nite - Satoshi Nakapepe

Owner of this skin is BTCBARBAROSSA from North America.

Light Nite - Jack The Rabbit

Winner of South America, VEGEDANIER has "Jack the Rabbit".

? Keep practicing for the next Light Nite competitions if you also want to own a Legendary skin or Premium skin. Light Nite Esports is going to be BIG!


  • Players cannot get invisible or invincible in any way.
  • In the "Equip items" section, male and female skins cannot be marked as equipped at the same time anymore.
  • The gamepad settings cannot be modified if the user didn't plug any gamepad.
  • Kill/Deaths recap bug (players were getting double kills in only one kill).

We can't wait to hear your thoughts on Reddit and on social media! Our dev team is working really hard trying to keep a balance between taking into account as many opinions as possible, fixing all known issues and focusing on this game's future game modes!

Please share your comments about this patch here: https://www.reddit.com/r/LightNiteGame/comments/ppfpt1/summer_21_update_patch_notes_v0400/

Keep stacking sats!