LIGHT⚡️NITE will not launch in Steam for the time being

Dear community,

We have worked so hard over the last 6 months in order to have a game that had the quality level to launch in Steam with a minimum success, trying to build the best playtoearn game out there with the best NFTs and best gameplay, but this cannot happen.

NFTs and crypto games were allowed untill a few weeks ago in Steam but sadly this apparently have changed. Steam has let us know that they will not be shipping crypto or NFTs games and they have retired the APP from the admin section. At this time, we do not even know how long the Store page will be up.

We want to remind you all that we have our own platform Elixir and that all of you are welcome there to play our game.

Light ⚡ Nite - Battle Royale

Best regards and see you in the NFTs-Battle-Royale-Metaverse!!

Your Light Nite team