Patch notes

Welcome to v. light niters!

This week we improved the performance for TDM and Battle Royale. We changed a little bit the sniper rifle.
We plan to implement in the future a reconnect feature and we are still waiting for the Easy Anti-Cheat update for the MAC users bug.
Have fun with this patch!

Here we are with another patch notes:

  • Performance improving for Hospital, Military Base and the 3D scene used in the main menu
  • "Season Pass" is now called "Battle Pass":
    - Besides missions, players can now earn EXP by playing ranked PvP and PvE games
    - Possessing any Season Pass NFT of previous seasons can contribute extra EXP in current season.
  • Sniper rifle: this weapon will be harder to use now in Battle Royale and it will require more skill.
    - Added delayed hit shot & bullet drop
  • Silence buttons and draggable inventory slots are now available in scoreboard overlay
  • Main Menu update
  • Disabled gore effects
  • Rebuild the minimap for the Hospital map
  • Battle Royale map optimizations
  • "Military Base: Close Quarters combat facility" is now called "Shooting Circuit"
  • Heal/Armor casting can be interrupted by picking ammo

Bug fixes:

  • Battle Royale map fixes
  • Inviting players to a BR squad not working correctly
  • Sensitivity percentage instead of raw value
  • Missions asking to make kills with Assault Rifle does not track progress correctly

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