As LIGHT⚡NITE keeps improving in this early access. Here is a guide to help you get started.


First of all you need to download the Elixir launcher. Go to https://launcher.elixir.app and click Download at the top of the screen to install Elixir Gaming.

Login with your account and you will be able to discover the Elixir platform where you can play other games and buy or sell NFTs.

Download Light Nite using Elixir

When you log in on the Elixir launcher, go to "Library">"My Games" and click on "Download".

Once the game is installed, press "Play" to start earning sats with Light Nite!

What is Elixir?

Elixir is a bitcoin gaming platform developed by Satoshi's Games in 2021. Elixir brings the fun of playing games while you getting rewarded with bitcoin and NFTs like Satvival. It has his own bitcoin NFT marketplace where you can sell your in-game skins to earn more!

In case you still don't know ? when the Light Nite BETA will be released please check the roadmap at lightnite.io. There is a ton of reasons to start getting items, please read the story about the game modes and check the Arena below!

Game Modes

While designing LIGHT⚡NITE game we did our best to make it a game for everyone where the Bitcoin integration is not the core of the game but rather an additional feature that makes the game more interactive and gives players the opportunity to monetize the time they spend playing games.

This is because we noticed that most of the "blockchain games" offer a static gaming experience, as the main focus of the studios which created them was on the technology side of the game and not on the gaming experience itself, which is limited to few in-game moves and the rest is all about trading and speculation.

LIGHT⚡NITE - Introducing game modes
LIGHT⚡NITE - Introducing game modes

Therefore, we designed the following three game modes which are currently under development:

COVID-19 Survival

The COVID-19 Survival mini-game is based on the idea that oversized sars-cov-2 particles spawn from infection spots and spread out across the level. The players have to find resources to combat them, with the end goal of destroying all the infection spots within a limited amount of time.

LIGHT⚡NITE – sars-cov-2
LIGHT⚡ NITE – sars-cov-2

Infection spots are composed of a few eggs slightly submerged in goo and a few other elements like blisters and veins. The eggs spew virus particles, independently of each other, into their surrounding area.

The virus particles move slowly through the air across the level to find suitable areas to create, heal and guard infection spots. If you get close to them, they will chase you, explode on contact, and cause damage over time.

LIGHT⚡NITE – virus particles move slowly
LIGHT⚡ NITE – Virus particles produced by Infection Spots

The infection spots undergo stages of development from newly created to mature and capable of producing new eggs.

If the player does not break the cycle, the infection will spread, and it is all over for humanity. Be warned that infection spots, even after receiving major damage from the player, can be healed, so make sure to completely destroy them if you can afford the extra shots.

Beta version already available

In build 0.2.3 we decided to release a preliminary version of the COVID-19 minigame, containing only a subset of the functionality that will be available in the final game.

LIGHT⚡NITE – infection spots
LIGHT⚡ NITE – infection spots

This version is still pretty buggy and lacking many interesting gameplay mechanics (no pickups, only one weapon, no melee, etc), but in the upcoming months we'll be developing the remaining features, including a co-op multiplayer version.

Bitcoin Rewards

We have also added a reward system that compensates satoshis, yeah real bitcoin! ? So, when you log in the game and play the covid19 minigame you can earn sats.
Light ⚡ Nite - COVID-19 Survival Mode

Any player can earn 100 sats for each COVID-19 game.

Bear in mind you can only earn in-game rewards every 3 hours and only during this limited COVID-19 minigame, once you reach the maximum, you will see a message that you have reached the allowed quota.

All said, now it is time to see you in the game #StackingSats.

IntroductionHi LightNiters! This post explains the current Reward Scheme at Light⚡️Nite,which will keep going until the game release. Before entering into the detail, let us share the rationale behind the gamerewards. Light⚡️Nite will be released as a free-to-play game with bitcoinmicro-rewards…

Deathmatch Mutliplayer

A first PvP multiplayer version was already  published in release 0.3.1, allowing up to 8 players to fight around the island for a limited time of 5 minutes. Players may open a room and wait until it is complete or start playing from the point a second player joins the room.

When you die your character respawns after a few seconds at a random location. The player with maximum score at the bell wins the match. No sat stacking is yet possible at the PvP game mode, but it is planned to come in future releases.

Join our Discord server to play with other players: https://discord.gg/S6ttDxj or join Light Nite competitions with bitcoin and NFTs prize pool.

Light ⚡ Nite - Multiplayer BETA
Light ⚡ Nite - Multiplayer BETA

Battle-royale (in-development)

A pure battle-royale that you can enjoy even without having any previous knowledge about how bitcoin works. For gamers. With in-game bitcoin rewards hidden within easter eggs and challenges. Within the Casual mode there are 3 sub-modes based on the number of players involved:

  • Solo (1 player)
  • Duo (2 players)
  • Squad (4 players)
Light ⚡ Nite - Battle-Royale
Light ⚡ Nite - Battle-Royale

Arena (in-development)

Users will decide if entering the arena and will be matched to a pool of users with the same (a) rank and (b) value of the items that they are wearing.

When a player dies its items drop on the ground and other players have to take strategic but quick decisions while other opponents try to kill them: they need to choose what to loot from the dead player (either ammo, shield, or better guns to increase the probability to win the game) and they need to do so wisely because each player has limited slots for items that can be carried in the backpack. If nobody loots a lost item, it is burned in the game affecting the total supply of that specific item and making it more and more rare until it becomes Legendary (a unique skin with a total supply equal to one).

LIGHT⚡NITE - Arena game mode
LIGHT⚡NITE - Arena game mode

Users will decide if entering a match looking at the items that other players bring into the game: if users find other players’ items interesting, they can decide to risk their own items by entering the game and try to collect other players’ items by killing opponents.

This is the only game mode where players can lose their items. Collected items can be sold in exchange of bitcoin once the player wins the Arena. So basically if you make it to win the Arena, you can sell in the marketplace the skins you were wearing and the ones you looted from opponents.

This is the game mode within which the items purchased during the pre-sale can be converted into bitcoin. A maximum of around 20 players (number to be confirmed) con join the Arena at the same time.


Events can take place during specific periods. There will be two types of events:

  • Competitions: tournaments or contests will be available for everyone to participate if they want to unlock more bitcoin or win NFTs (premium, rare or even legendary!)
  • Giveaways: some bitcoin will be hidden within the game map and players who find and collect them take ownership of those bitcoin and can withdraw them into their wallet;
  • Flash modes: creative game modes that last for 3 weeks. An example of a flash mode that players will find on LIGHT NITE is the mode in which players earn bitcoin as they shoot opponents and lose bitcoin when they get shot.
LIGHT⚡NITE - Giveaway in the Events game mode

Item types

The following types of items can be bought on the shop:

  • Character skins - players;
  • Wearables - cosmetic wearable items;
  • Hoverboards - tools to glide from the sky when the battle starts;
  • Weapons - In-game items such as swords, pistols, laser guns, etc.

If you want to see more items, visit our explorer ? https://explorer.lightnite.io/

Light ⚡ Nite - Explorer

Supply and asset tokenization

Each item belongs to a rarity class which determines its total supply:

  • Legendary - 1 unit;
  • Rare - max supply of 100 units;
  • Premium - max supply of  500 units;
  • Normal - unlimited supply.

All in-game items are tokenized using the Bitcoin-sidechain Liquid, implying that any limited series of an item can be proved truly limited, and any user can check that their items belong to such limited editions, as well as their specific Liquid id and UTXO id. This feature is crucial to strengthen confidence in users over the scarcity of items (and their authenticity when coming from a previous owner), and ultimately to develop a strong and reliable asset market, particularly for rarer items.

Light ⚡ Nite - Bitrefill skins

Elixir ? Bitcoin NFT Market

You can buy or sell in the first bitcoin NFT Market for gamers, Elixir Market. https://market.elixir.app/home available on all devices.

Elixir Market

If you want to know more about what you can do at the Elixir Market ?. Check out this blog post: https://blog.elixir.app/welcome-to-elixir-market/

Elixir Market

How to withdraw my balance?

First of all you must login at Elixir launcher. Go to "Marketplace". Click on "? Withdraw" or go to "Wallet". You will have 2 options:

  • Lightning ⚡ Wallet: withdraw your sats to your lightning bitcoin wallet. You will have to put your L-wallet address.
  • +3.000 stores worlwide: withdraw with Bitrefill you can withdraw your balance in more than 3.000 stores worldwide.

This is it! We hope you love our progress and we are endeavoring to exceed your expectations to achieve bitcoin mass adoption through the means of our game ?‍♂️

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