Hi LightNiters! This post explains the current Reward Scheme at Light⚡️Nite, which will keep going until the game release.

Before entering into the detail, let us share the rationale behind the game rewards. Light⚡️Nite will be released as a free-to-play game with bitcoin micro-rewards and an economy based on in-game asset purchases.

However during the development phase, we wanted to give early adopters the chance to purchase pre-orders allowing them to witness the game progress, participate in its design and have a privileged first taste of the early versions. At the time their precious support helped us build faster and better.

Naturally, as we grow in users, we wanted to offer those of you supporting the game the ability to earn some sats as you play our first buggy versions. Also, to start creating your asset gear and to reward new users you might refer, which helps populate multi-player rooms for all’s good!

LIGHT⚡NITE GAME - Gameplay footage
LIGHT⚡NITE GAME - Gameplay footage

On the other hand, the bitcoin price has multiplied by 5x since our first release back in April’20, while pre-orders have remained just at the same USD-referred price. This means BTC rewards needed to be adjusted to reflect a reasonable amount that enables its initial mission: that any new user can start experimenting with micro-rewards while the game is in development.

Scheme Details

So far, Light⚡️Nite has provided millions of sats in rewards to early adopters, but intensive sat farming won’t be allowed at this stage as it represents a risk for the whole project. Don’t forget our current early-stage needs your support to get the game as soon and as fun as possible to the open phase.

Another relevant point to the reward scheme design is security. As a preventive measure to avoid exploiting game unbalances or potential security vulnerabilities, the game has capped the withdrawal limit to a decent daily amount.

This is a temporary measure. We intend to lift caps progressively and give users the most considerable possible flexibility, but that needs to be made cautiously as the game consolidates its balancing and security structure.

Finally, please note that we’re at Alpha stage, meaning that all parts of the game, including the reward system, may be subject to bugs, errors, delays, or temporary unavailabilities. We will try to fix any possible issue quickly as they may be noticeable. We appeal to your comprehension and invite you to collaborate in creating a robust and fair system through your reports and suggestions on our issues channel:

Having said all that, let’s go straight to the details of the current Reward Scheme!

Rewards for playing

Rewards are applied to the Covid-19 mini-game at the moment. Amounts have been adjusted to the bitcoin price evolution and could see new changes as it evolves further. Any player can now earn 10 sats per game.

Bear in mind you can only earn in-game rewards every 3 hours and only during this limited covid19 minigame, once you reach the maximum, you will see a message that you have reached the allowed quota.

A withdrawal daily limit sats per player has been established. There are withdrawal tiers and you will only be able to increase withdrawal tier through referrals at the moment. The number of skins to earn is, however, unlimited at the moment.

LIGHT⚡NITE GAME - In-game reward gameplay
LIGHT⚡NITE GAME - In-game reward gameplay

Rewards for referrals

Referring to new users is also rewarded with both bitcoin and assets for both the referrer and the referred parties. Under our current scheme, referrers will earn 10K sats for each guided contact that purchases an early access license to the game.

On the other end, the referred contact will be assigned 500 sats when buying the early-access following a referral link. Any user who has purchased an early-access will find his referral code to refer others in the upper menu bar at the dashboard as shown below:

ELIXIR - Referrals

A monthly referral leaderboard can also be found in "Rankings". The leaderboard is being continuously updated and reset at every month end. As an additional incentive, the user with the highest montly amount of referrals gets 50$ in sats. The cherry on top of the cake!

Not only that, the total amount of referrals makes a user scale up on the withdrawal tier, up to the highest limit of 320K sats in Tier 7. This is by far the fastest way to stack sats or even to purchase goodies at our integrated Bitrefill marketplace.

Free Battle Pass

A free battle pass has been launched to encourage the community’s participation in the Light⚡️Nite discord channel, which offers perks and advantages to users who most contribute to it. Just chat in any of our discord channels, and you will be automatically earning points, and leveling up when surpassing  pre-determined values.

Discord bot will automatically inform you every time you change your level, but you can also check your status following the Battle Pass discord channel’s instructions. (The Discord Battle Pass ended on June 1st 2021)

LIGHT⚡NITE GAME - Battle-pass
LIGHT⚡NITE GAME - Battle-pass

A scheme of up to 21 levels has been designed, giving users additional sats, free skins, and Tier upgrades for higher withdrawal limits (compatible with those achievable through referrals, see “Withdrawal limit” section at the end of this post).

Users are encouraged to make fair use of the Discord server to discuss the game, find players for squads, raise constructive discussions, or anything else adding value to the community. Refrain from spamming in the channels to level up faster, or your rank can be reset to 0.

LIGHT⚡NITE GAME - Store Withdrawal
LIGHT⚡NITE GAME - Store Withdrawal

How can I use my sats?

There are two ways you can use sats in your balance at the moment:

1. Withdraw to your wallet for your discretionary use outside of Light Nite

2. Purchase goods at Bitrefill marketplace

Please be aware that balance cannot be used currently to purchase new game items; skins must be purchased through the asset store by paying with an external wallet or via credit card.

Before explaining each case, note that all sat rewards obtained by Light⚡️Nite users are shown in the user’s balance score at the user’s dashboard. While sats can be withdrawn to an external wallet for the user’s discretionary use, no deposit mechanism has been introduced in the system. Therefore, once withdrawn, it will not be possible to return sats to the game.

BTC withdrawal

Users can currently withdraw sat balance using Lightning Network walletst, either custodial or non-custodial. Just create an invoice for the sat value you want to withdraw and copy the generated address into the text box you will find in the “Withdraw” section at the Elixir marketplace. Make sure the address is correct, as transactions made to the wrong address cannot be returned.


We offer an external link with a comprehensive list of publicly available mobile wallets in the following link:

Additionally, if you have your node, you can use Joule, a Lightning in-browser payment extension, allowing you efficiently manage your Lightning wallets and making payments or withdrawals directly from your pc. To use this method, you must have installed Joule previously in your browser. You can find more details at

LIGHT⚡NITE GAME - Joule Withdrawal
LIGHT⚡NITE GAME - Joule Withdrawal

Purchase goodies at Bitrefill

Additionally, users can see the integrated Bitrefill marketplace to purchase items among hundreds of brands and retailers such as Amazon, Netflix, Steam, Google Play, Nike, and many local retailers that will be shown to you according to your location.

Bitrefill - Withdrawal

Just select the retailer you want to buy at, choose a voucher value and pay with your balance. You will receive the voucher code at your email, which you will be able to redeem for your election item at any retailer’s physical or online stores.

Please be aware that as with sat withdrawals, purchases at Bitrefill are also subject to daily withdrawal limits, so make sure you have reached the right Tire for the purchase level you aim at!

Withdrawal and purchase limits

As mentioned throughout the post, sat withdrawals and purchases are subject to daily restrictions as a precautionary measure while system security is being improved and in-game rewards are correctly balanced. Currently, the default withdrawal has been adjusted to 5K sats per day and user.

This limit can be lifted in two ways, the first being to level up through participation in the discord channel, as indicated in the previous section, “Free Battle Pass.”

LIGHT⚡NITE GAME - Withdrawal Tiers
LIGHT⚡NITE GAME - Withdrawal Tiers

The second way to increase your withdrawal limit is by generating referred purchases. Reaching 5 referrals allows you to get to 10K withdrawal limit. From there, by duplicating the number of referrals, you level up and duplicate your withdrawal limit, up to the highest Tier 7.