The development in January paid off very well. We made it to release the dashboard where users who purchased the game can already start interacting with the game assets. In addition, we proceeded forward with the development of the game map.

Dashboard & Store

Nice! We made it to release the LIGHT⚡NITE store and dashboard, where you can manage and buy in-game skins that you'll be able to use in the game. Read more about that on this full story about the dashboard & store.

LIGHT⚡NITE - Library section from play.lightnite.io
LIGHT⚡NITE - Library section from play.lightnite.io

You can access from play.lightnite.io. Invite other friends and get a reward in satoshis plus premium or rare skins ❤️ What an interactive way to onboard your squad to this game and stack satoshis!

The Game Map

During January we started to develop the different zones of the game map. The following, are only some of them. We hope you'll like them!

Military zone

Map level design was carried out to populate the map with cities ready for the single player prototype.

LIGHT⚡NITE - Military base
LIGHT⚡NITE - Military base sketch

A military base was designed to fulfil the needs of the battle royale. The design of this area is optimised to maximise the short and large shooting distance. From the previous sketch we moved onto the implementation of the level design and development.

As you can see on the picture below, sections of the sketch from the military base are being implemented. This task included the orchestration of a multitude of props which included easter eggs along with game mechanics item placement ?

LIGHT⚡NITE - Military base scene
LIGHT⚡NITE - Military base scene

The military base contains the following levels:

  • Airport (runway, control tower, hangars, etc)
  • Perimeter (watch towers, fence/wall, entrance, etc)
  • Shooting range
  • Obstacle course
  • Close quarters training facility
  • Barracks (office buildings, tents, etc)

Spaceship Zone

A donut shaped spaceship, broken in different parts, that ripped through the island when it crashed, raising the terrain around it. Due to the huge size of this zone, the levels are restricted to mostly portions of the inside of the spaceship, not necessarily connected between each other, and portions of the hull above them ?

LIGHT⚡NITE - Spaceship zone scene
LIGHT⚡NITE - Spaceship zone scene

Being a sci-fi environment, the levels provide a range of whacky and unusual experiences, from tilted floors, to low gravity rooms, and much more ?️


  • Hull: Top of the spaceship hull, with several cannons scattered, hatches into below compartments, radars, machines, etc
  • Terrarium: Where plants are grown, full of breakable glass domes containing plants, a mini forest within the spaceship, etc
  • Engine Rooms: Rooms full of pipes, machinery, consoles, etc, that lead to the ship's reactors, and the reactor core
  • Ships hangar level: a big hangar where there are unplayable spaceships
  • Bridge level: the bridge of the ship, with battle and pilot stations
  • Living quarters level: a section of rooms, bathrooms and living rooms
  • Lab level: a maze-like section of hallways that ends in a lab
  • Experimentation area: Here it happens that once every X seconds suddenly appears plasma rays everywhere, or fire, or whatever.
  • Low gravity room: a large room where players have to move in low gravity

Alien City Zone

(a.k.a Underground City / Citadel) ?

After the aliens crashed their spaceship, they built a futuristic city within it. This city is always engulfed in shadows due to the overarching spaceship above, and throughout the years it has become a place of decadence.

LIGHT⚡NITE - Underground City
LIGHT⚡NITE — Citadel scene

The levels include city buildings, slums, striptease clubs, alien spas, etc. A pneumatic tube transport system can carry the player from and to the spaceship very quickly ⏲️


  • Striptease club: a strip club, with private dance rooms, bathrooms and bar.
  • Slums and alleys: dirty alleys section and futuristic slum houses.
  • Hospital: a futuristic medical facility, with lobbies, operating rooms and patient rooms.
  • Rooftops: a rooftop section, where roofs are connected by planks, boards, stairs, etc.
  • Asian cyberpunk temple: place for the VR monk character. Mix between asian religions and Sci-Fi motives.
  • Alien spa: ponds, massage machines, pools, etc
  • Pneumatic tubes transport: Large transparent tubes in different parts of the city take the player into different zones of the city/spaceship

Vikings Village

In the mountain range of the north, a small viking village sits, almost unchanged, within the surrounding glacier ❄️

Apart from a small barter economy with the locals, its fierce warriors ferociously warded off any strangers, maintaining the village isolated from any progress throughout the centuries.

The village security is enforced by wooden pikes and watch towers, and the glacier also provides a natural fortress, with its many caves, tricky crevasses and unstable seracs. The chieftain's house sits right in the middle, guarding the vikings most precious treasures.

LIGHT⚡NITE - Vikings Village
LIGHT⚡NITE - Vikings Village

Over time, a medieval citadel was built around the castle and the walls were expanded to include it. Scattered outside the castle walls are several farms, crop fields, and farming.


  • Castle level: Castle walls on top of a hill, surrounding a castle tower and some buildings (barracks, etc)
  • Citadel level: Buildings and houses outside the main castle wall, but within a secondary ring
  • Farm level: Crop fields with fences separating them, featuring a farmhouse (with barn, water tower, etc) and a distant windmill
  • Vineyards level: Multiple vineyards both in terracing and flat terrain, featuring a distillery and wine cellar
  • Royal Gardens: next to the castle. With a small lake, a hedge maze and a secret small garden
  • Enchanted library: in the castle. Book mountains.

City Center Zone

Before the aliens crashed, the humans already had a decent sized modern city in the island, that was left relatively unscathed during the ensuing war ?

LIGHT⚡NITE - City Center Zone concept
LIGHT⚡NITE - City Center Zone concept

The city zone features some of the things we can find in cities nowadays, including tall buildings, banks, hospitals, etc. A subway system allows the player to travel underground to nearby places.

Other level design work is happening in different zones of the game map. Haven't you seen the game map yet? You can check it out on last month's story!

Ghost Town Zone

An old mining town that served miners from gold mines in the nearby mountains, during the gold rush days, having since been deserted when the mines dried. Some say the town is haunted by the ghosts of all the miners, gun slingers and innocent victims that died during those violent days.

LIGHT⚡NITE - Ghost Town Zone concept
LIGHT⚡NITE - Ghost Town Zone concept

An abandoned train station features some old steam locomotives, and a working railroad car. A tunnel collapsed, burying the train tracks, but a segment of the tracks is still traversable from the station to the mines and into the forest ?

LIGHT⚡NITE - Single player prototype
LIGHT⚡NITE - Single player prototype