Patch notes

Howdy players,

We've been working on adjusting the AI bots, adding the smaller Battle Royale map that you asked called Mini Legacy Island and fixing gamepad issues.

As always, we will keep an eye out for any critical follow-up needed.

Have fun and see you in the next patch notes!

Here are the patch notes:

  • Mini Legacy Island
Mini Legacy Island

Smaller Battle Royale map is now available in Battle Royale Ranked Solo and Duo. Legacy Island (32 players) are still available in Custom Mode, our plans is to bring back Legacy Island once we have more active players. For now Mini Legacy Island will stay in the Ranked Battle Royale Solo.

  • AI Bots

Bots aiming accuracy grows with the average Battle Pass level of the in-game real players

Adjusted some bot names and out of sync BR game with bots

Changed the bots' equipment: they can only wear common equipment

Bots now move and jump around in the BR waiting room

  • Mini Legacy Island

The Mini Legacy Island is now available for ranked BR-solo and BR-duo games

It allows 16 players to join

Players can now create a custom game choosing between the Mini Legacy Island and the Legacy Island

  • Quick battle buttons have been added to the main screen
  • Stackable consuming items such as health and armor packs are auto-lootable
  • The melee icon has been updated in the kill event announcement
  • New crosshair designs
  • Binance Sniper scope overlay and thumbnail updated
  • Quick battle buttons now start ranked games instead of play2earn game modes
  • Stackable consuing items (health & armor packs) are now auto-lootable if you own them
  • Early Access disclaimer dialog update
  • Changed "What's new?" to "Patch notes"

Bug fixes

  • [DM & TDM] Players could spawn at the exact same spawn point if they die at the same time
  • Several gamepad issues
  • Kill event announcements bugs
  • [BR] Fixed the storm countdown timer when disabling the HUD
  • [BR] Dead bots could revived
  • [BR] Bots' bodies were still visible in the waiting room
  • [Legacy Island] Map fixes
  • [Hospital] Updated some assets colliders: Wrecked Bus, Digital Road sign, Shelf and collapsed brick wall
  • Assets issues (CryptoStache, Scarecrow, Breezy, Giandalf, Skull Hat, Beine Mask...)

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