How we will migrate Light Nite to NWB

June 7th, 2022

As you know, Light Nite is transitioning to NWB. This new version will be based on a smart contract Blockchain such as Solana, although it’s not the only chain we are talking with. Today we wanted to give you more details about how we will implement this migration so that you can get prepared. But do not worry, we will accompany you throughout the whole process.

Firstly, we will focus on providing the best free to play and play and earn space for all users in our coming NWB version. This version will have an updated Battle Royale gameplay with a brand new design, a system of NFTs and new customization options (i.e. profile icons, dancing emotes and much more).

This means that, as soon as we launch the new NWB version, we will focus our upgrades and maintenance on this version. Players will still be able to play the old version of Light Nite but without these updates and maintenance. Therefore, users will be encouraged to migrate their accounts and assets to the NWB version, which will be the only supported one.

Regarding our Elixir Marketplace, we have all suffered from recurrent bugs linked to the way it was designed. We have concluded that it’s better to discontinue it and opt for a more robust version once we implement our NWB version. These are the functionalities that we will progressively closing:

  • June 9th, closing of NFT trading between users, sale of new NFTs and withdrawal of NFTs to a user’s wallet.
  • July 1st, closing of adding NFTs from a user’s wallet back into the game.
  • August 10th, closing of withdrawal of sats to user’s wallet.

Our recommendation for your existing balances in sats

Regarding Sats, we recommend that you withdraw them to your private wallet. If you still have them by the closing date, we will transform them into $NWB tokens and will drop them back to you when you migrate to the new NWB version.

What will happen with your NFTs?

Users are still free to trade their NFTs until June 9th, although we do not recommend it because of, firstly, the Marketplace’s current issues and, secondly, we will not be able to migrate them to the new NWB version if they are in the user’s wallet instead of in-game.

  • From June 9th, all NFTs, bought or earned, will be blocked from trading, although they will be usable in-game.
  • From June 9th, there will be skin rewards on the free Battle Pass.
  • When the user migrates to the NWB version, their NFTs present in their balance on June 9th (or brought back in-game before August 10th) will have a different treatment if they were bought or earned/rewarded when the user migrates to the NWB version:
  • For bought NFTs, users will receive NWB tokens for an equivalent value.
  • For earned or rewarded NFTs, the user will receive a pack with non-tradable skins. The size of the pack will be tiered according to the volumes of earned/reward NFTs. We will provide more details as we move closer to the NWB migration. This will not be applicable to any earned/rewarded NFTs given to the user after June 9th.
  • Finally, a hall of fame will be implemented on NWB map. A billboard will show the names of the players that have had Light Nite assets and therefore have supported the game until now. They will be showcased as our OG members.

What will happen to your sats:

  • Users will be able to withdraw their sats according to the new withdrawal system until the 10th of August. Make sure to read this blog post to get all the information about the new requirements to withdraw sats on Elixir:
  • Users who haven’t withdrawn their sats before August 10th will get the opportunity to receive a drop of $NWB with a vesting period of 6 months, i.e. they will receive their equivalent value of sats in $NWB throughout the initial 6 months after the user activates its NWB account or the $NWB token generation event occurs, whichever is later.

No conflict with this summer tournaments rewards nor with the Battle Pass

We will soon tell you about the exciting tournaments that we will be organizing during this summer, with exciting rewards and the different partners that will help us bring more gamers into our community. We do not see any conflict between these tournament and the migration program explained in this posts because:

  • All rewards for these tournaments will be delivered outside of the game, directly to the players’ wallets.
  • Tournaments are aimed at providing players with fun and rewarding systems outside of the game, since the in-game rewarding systems will be done during the migration. Once we have our NWB version up and running, they will be finished or they will migrate to provide the rewards in-game.
  • The Battle Pass will offer non-tradeable skins for every completed level, offering the players the opportunity to try out hundreds of skins in the coming months.

We hope this post has been clear enough and that we will have the pleasure of your company during these exciting times, while we are moving to NWB, a far more robust, fun and rewarding version of our Light Nite game.