Patch notes

Howdy players,

For these last two weeks we've been focusing on improving the first-time user experience. That's why a message now pops up when users first open the game indicating them how to adjust their mouse's or gamepad's sensitivity.

We've also updated the new Battle Pass, adding non-NFT skins as rewards for every level and reduced the EXP needed to level up!

Have fun and see you in the next patch notes!

Here are the patch notes:

  • New Battle Pass rewards and reduced EXP

Players now get a different skin for every completed level. It allows them to try and wear a large range of skins throughout the Battle Pass. Experience in the Battle Pass has been adjusted too, leveling up in the Battle Pass is easier now

  • Bots

Bots have been implemented to ranked and custom BR-Duo games

  • Mouse Sensitivity

The mouse sensitivity has been set to 30 by default and a "restore" button also enables users to reset the sensitivity to 30 at any time. Furthermore, entering a game for the first time a windows pop us indicating players how to modify their mouse's or gamepad's sensitivity

  • The ingame shop as been removed

As we're transitionning to Xnite, the Elixir Marketplace, the Elixir shop and the Light Nite ingame shop have temporarily been closed

  • New timer

A new timer indicates players when to jump off the ship

  • Main menu's rework

The main menu has been reworked. Players can choose between joining Ranked games or create/join a room in the Custom menu

  • Adjustments

The countdown has been removed from custom DM/TDM games, the kill event announcements have been resized and replaced.

  • Map edits

[Legacy Island] Some colliders have been fixed
[Legacy Island] The number of of trees has been reduced in Legacy island's forest
[Legacy Island] Some trees have been added in open areas
[Legacy Island] Military base's maze has been implemented to Legacy island
[Legacy Island] Some roofs have been connected in Legacy island
[Hospital] Some colliders have been fixed
[Military Base] Increased Width and Height of the Tunnels

Bug fixes

  • An error used to occur with ammo when the inventory reached its max capacity
  • Picking up the sniper rifle used to increase the ammo count infinitely
  • An issue with the auto-pick feature has been fixed
  • Players used to be able to zoom with a sniper scope if they had picked up a sniper in the waiting room
  • An error has been fixed with bots: if the room master leaves before the game starts a bot will join the game to replace him
  • An error has been solved with squad invitations in BR Duo
  • Duo members used to be unable to join a BR Duo game or reached a different game map than the leader
  • The scoreboard used to present some errors

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