New rewards withdrawal system: a sustainable migration to XNITE

May 19th, 2022

You all know that we are migrating from the initial Light Nite game version to the new one called Xnite because of, among other reasons, the old version's economy was not robust enough. That allowed some users to adopt a non-productive farming behavior, accumulating rewards without even playing the game and therefore making the game economy more unstable.

We are currently working on improving Light Nite gameplay and creating all elements for a more sustainable economy, with rewards targeting real players, for instance. Once we have both elements, a better gameplay and a stronger economy around new NFTs and the $XNITE token, we will have the new Xnite game version.

In the interim, Light Nite is a free to play game available to download, as usual, from Elixir. While it has an increasingly exciting gameplay, some of its economy features have been locked for maintenance and evolution work. One of those features is the rewards withdrawal system, which we understand has caused trouble to some of our users and for which we sincerely apologize for not being able to provide a good solution before.

When assessing how to better re-enable the withdrawal feature for bitcoin rewards, we did not want to incentivize this negative farming behavior but neither to prevent anybody from accessing their rewards. So we have opted to allow everybody to retrieve these rewards but linking this capacity to their present in-game activity.

How the new rewards withdrawal system will work

The way we are linking rewards withdrawals with in-game activity is through Battle Pass experience gained through in-game missions. Users will have to complete in-game missions to be able to gain experience levels in their battle passes which will allow them to withdraw certain amounts of sats to their private bitcoin lightning wallet according to the following table:

  • Level 10: Withdrawal level 1 = maximum 5k sats per day
  • Level 20: Withdrawal level 2 = maximum 10k sats per day
  • Level 30: Withdrawal level 3 = maximum 20k sats per day

We will adjust the experience on Battle Passes and the passes will last for 60 days. Battle Pass will be updated and withdrawals will be available from Monday, May 23rd 2022.

Once the Battle Pass has expired, players will have to level up again in the Battle Pass to be able to withdraw.

When Xnite is released, if there is a remaining sats balance, the player will be prompted to claim its exchange into $XNITE tokens, which will have liquidity in the market to support exchange to several stablecoins and tokens. If the user does not claim the balance within a determined time, the balance will be deleted.

Reasons not only to play Light Nite again but also to stick around

With this new reward withdrawal process, we are actually inviting our OG users to revisit the game, enjoy this better gameplay and re-access their bitcoin rewards. In parallel, we hope that they fall in love again with Light Nite and continue playing until we get the new in-game rewarding system in autumn 2022.


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Don’t worry about playing alone since we now have smart non-player characters (i.e. bots) with whom to play in case no other users are available. Furthermore, we are working with partners to schedule a lot of tournaments this summer with off-game rewards. These tournaments will not only dramatically increase the number of players you can play with, but also will allow you to earn rewards until we deploy the new in-game rewards system in Q3 2022.

Get ready to take back your rewards, enjoy the improved gameplay and take full advantage of the new rewards with events and the Light Nite Summer Tournament season!!!