Patch notes

Greetings friends,

This week we've finished our work on bots and we're happy to announce that they're finally available in-game!

Some of you may wonder "why not add more bots?". We are worried about Performance impact of running bots. Although the bot-filling logic guarantees the number of bots that each real player should power is balanced on game starts, a real player could quit during the battle, which makes those bots powered by him becomes burden to another real player. The worst cast is all bots are powered by the same real player, if there is only one real player left in game, and the impact will be too overwhelming.

We've also been working on animation and polished some details.

Also, know that next week we'll give some news regarding withdrawals.

See you in the next patch!

Here are the patch notes:

  • AI bots are now available in Ranked and Custom games

In Ranked games, bots will fill the room until the game can start. In Custom games, players can add as many bots as they want using the "Add a bot" button.

  • The kill announcements and the minimap have been adjusted
  • The crosshair's colour and size is now customizable
  • The sniper bullet trail in 3rd person has been changed
  • We modified the characters' animations: running, walking, jumping and crouching

Bug fixes

  • Chests' proximity sound has been fixed

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