2140 x Light Nite

May 11th, 2022

We're glad to announce our new collaboration with 2140!

We've been working with Acemoisan, 2140's developer, for a few months now and we decided to hold a Light Nite tournament together on May 29th.

On this occasion, 2 brand new NFTs will be designed: 1 2140 NFT for Light Nite and 1 Light Nite NFT for 2140. ✨

“We came up with the idea of a fun event to organize with Acemoisan to gather our communities. This tournament will take place on May 29th and will welcome 30 participants. We're also preparing a big prizepool for this special occasion” — Light Nite team

🎉 To celebrate this 2140 will do a exclusive 2140 x Light Nite NFT giveaway!

We hope to see you in the Light Nite tournament!


Tournament will be streamed and casted by StonedMidgetz who is a player and streamer of Light Nite and 2140.

  • Prize Pool:

Light Nite: 1 NFT + 3 XNITE PASS + $25 $XNITE + 5 WL

2140 game: 1 Rare NFT + 1 Premium NFT + 1 Common NFT + 2 Free game copies + 5 Whitelist

Join the tournament at: https://play.toornament.com/en_US/tournaments/5671544655234031616/

Play for FREE Light Nite at: https://launcher.elixir.app/games/light-nite

About 2140


2140 is a custom spin on famous FPS zombie survival games.

The spin is Play to Earn Bitcoin!

2140 has been developed by a solo studio

Updates will be coming out frequently throughout the life of the game

All original assets and effects have been created

using the wonderful tools provided by Unity and Blender.

2140 Mixes the fast paced gameplay of the beloved COD Zombies games.

With the strategizing and puzzles of my personal favorites like Ark and The Forest.

Take control of Eli. The main character of 2140.

A young, curious, eager boy. Stuck in the wrong situation!

Earth has become inhabitable,

and given humanity no choice but to leave it behind.

The ones who weren't lucky enough to escape have been huddled into caves, mountains and mines.

Doing anything they must, to survive.

The air on Earth has been contaminated for years, but.

It has once again started to become tolerable for humans.

In the time it has taken to clear, leftover humans and animals have gradually become mutated and contaminated.

About Light Nite

Light Nite Legacy and Light Nite X are a multiplayer battle royale games with in-game rewards. Light Nite Legacy is based on Bitcoin and on a minimalistic low-poly & cartoonish design whereas Light Nite X will be launched shortly on Solana and will offer its own token $XNITE.

Light Nite Legacy

The game has a circular economy model with in-game store where you can purchase & sell premium items.

Bitcoin rewards: the native currency of the game supercharged via Lightning Network to allow instant payouts.

Liquid assets: assets have superpowers via liquid sidechain, own your skins & level up your gaming experience.

Light Nite X
Light Nite X is an evolution of Light Nite Legacy with a change of NFT infrastructure and a new design.

New blockchain network: this new version of the game will run on the fastest blockchain network: Solana. It will offer a brand new NFT collection with a new rarity system.

Free to play: the game will remain free to play and play to earn.

Play for free at Elixir: https://launcher.elixir.app/games/light-nite