Patch notes

Greetings friends,

We are advancing with the bots and we estimate to have them live around May 19th.

We have been working on the map and working on the user interface so it looks better. Of course, we will need your feedback so please be active and Discord and vote!

See you in the next patch!

Here are the patch notes:

  • Crosshair customization

Player now can choose the style and color for the crosshair in Settings.

Crosshair customization

Our plan is to have a fully customizable crosshair in the future but this is a temporal solution for those who wants a different crosshair.

  • UI Customization

Now it's possible for players to arrange the position of Chat messages, minimap and kill event announcements on the HUD in Settings.

  • Kill events announcements

Strip design for the kill events announcements with headshot icon.

  • Added bullet trace when aiming with scope

When aiming with sniper rifle you will see the bullet trace while aiming. We will also add in the next patch while you fire in third person.

  • Added proximity sound for chests
  • Rework immunity effects for TDM and DM

Blue orb effect was blocking a lot of player's vision.

  • Underwater effects update
  • New skybox to some maps
  • No melee weapons drops now
  • Spectator mode

Font and size changes on the spectating player text


  • Bandits Paradise:

Spawn shield duration reduced from 5 to 2 seconds.

  • Battle Royale: updated pickup locations

Players requested to find more weapons at the center of the map.

Bug fixes

  • Hoverboard in the Shop can not be previewed properly
  • Battle Royale map fixes
  • In Battle Royale room master could be kicked due to packet sending time-out.
  • Dead bodies sliding
  • Hospital and Bandits Paradise minimap zoom
  • Weapon fails to stop firing after accessing the Battle Royale map
  • Bullets & missiles go through water surface now
  • Sometimes rocket shot from a long range fails to deal damage
  • For a full spectator in a BR game, the health bar may not show up correctly when he starts to spectate on some player in game

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