Patch notes

Hey folks!

In these new patch notes we're glad to announce that our new map Bandits Paradise is now available for DM/TDM games !

On the other hand, the respawning has been reworked in DM to make it easier for players to rejoin the game! Also, we focused on fixing little bugs, worked on balancing, kill announcements and fixed some map issues.

Please keep sharing your feedback and vote on Discord to help us decide what to do next on Light Nite.

See you in the next one!

Here are the patch notes:

  • The new DM/TDM map Bandits Paradise has been released
Bandits Paradise map
  • Kill events events announcement

Kill events are now separated from chat messages. They are placed at the top-left corner on HUD.

There is an icon on the kill event announcement message indicating the cause of the death.

  • The use of armor pack is now blocked when players already have a full protection
  • You now get 4 extra large bullets by picking up a Sniper rifle
  • The muzzle flash effect has been removed in the "first person view"
  • Players respawning at the same time are now placed as far as possible from each other
  • Bitcoin grenade update

Now is a backpack.

Bitcoin grenade
  • Added and modified chest and pickup locations in Battle Royale

Bug fixes:

  • The player/path indicators have been fixed on a non 16:9 screen
  • An issue with the mouse caused by the spectator mode has been fixed
  • Some bugs used to occur equipping accessories
  • The use of explosives now cause self damage in TDM
  • Fixed Play2earn Machete stats
  • Legacy customization system: When resolving the conflicted equipped items, the game only removes the first conflicted item instead of all
  • Legacy customization system: Add a routine to scan through player's equipped items on his login, and try to remove blocked item if found any

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