Roseon World collaboration

April 20th

Today we’re making a new collaboration announcement! We’re really happy to reveal that Roseon World and Elixir will be working together organizing a Light Nite tournament!

This exciting event that will be held soon. Both communities’ users will be able to join in and watch the event on Twitch.

Such a huge partnership with Roseon World is really promising in terms of growth and engagement. That's why we plan to reward our communities with a lot of gifts during this special event!

This collaboration comes with a NFT collaboration with Roselynn. You can follow her Twitter too:

“Roseon World and Elixir are joining forces for Light Nite. They’ve already contributed to our project Monstropoly as investors and their support means a lot to us. Furthermore this tournament is meant to bring new users to our platform and to reinforce the engagement. And we’re also doing the event to reward our amazing community.” — Light Nite team

We hope to see you in the Roseon Light Nite tournament!


  • Players: 30
  • DATE: May 22nd
  • Prize Pool: 2 Light Nite X NFTs + 5 XNITE Pass + $50 $XNITE tokens + 10 Light Nite X Whitelist + $250 $ROSN tokens + 2 Roseon NFTs + 200 P2E points

Join the tournament at:

Play for FREE Light Nite at:

About Roseon World

Roseon World is a crypto management app that is at the top of centralized and decentralized financial services for investment. Roseon World provides a large range of partnership services to crypto businesses. Also, Roseon Finance’s subsidiary company Lavender capital is known for offering investment to blockchain games.

Follow Roseon on their social media:

Twitter: @RoseonWorld



About Light Nite

Light Nite Legacy and Light Nite X are a multiplayer battle royale games with in-game rewards. Light Nite Legacy is based on Bitcoin and on a minimalistic low-poly & cartoonish design whereas Light Nite X will be launched shortly on Solana and will offer its own token $XNITE.

Light Nite Legacy

The game has a circular economy model with in-game store where you can purchase & sell premium items.

Bitcoin rewards: the native currency of the game supercharged via Lightning Network to allow instant payouts.

Liquid assets: assets have superpowers via liquid sidechain, own your skins & level up your gaming experience.

Light Nite X
Light Nite X is an evolution of Light Nite Legacy with a change of NFT infrastructure and a new design.

New blockchain network: this new version of the game will run on the fastest blockchain network: Solana. It will offer a brand new NFT collection with a new rarity system.

Free to play: the game will remain free to play and play to earn.

Play for free at Elixir:

Light Nite

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