Patch notes

"Patch is now live to hotfix the out of synch issues"

Welcome to v. light niters!

This week we’ve been working on lag issues that affected players since the last patch. On another hand, we developed and improved the spectator mode. Furthermore, we listened to your feedback and focused on the weapons’ balancing.

Keep in mind that we're still dealing with some issues related to lag.

See you in the next one!

Here are the patch notes:

  • The game has been optimized and the network has been reworked in order to fix some lag issues
  • The spectator mode has been improved: new elements have been added as the killing count. The visual effects are displayed properly when players go inside the storm
  • Some errors have been fixed on TDM Hospital, TDM Military base and on the Battle Royale map
  • Weapons balancing has been reworked:

    Base Damage: 12 > 15
    Fire Rate: 30 > 50

    Fire Rate: 70 > 85

    Base Damage: 16 > 13
    Total Projectiles: 10 > 9

    Sniper Rifle
    Reload Time: 4.3 > 4.0
    Shot Speed: 500 > 800

    Base Damage: 20 > 100
    Reload Time: 4.3 > 4.0

    Grenade Launcher
    Reload Time: 3.2 > 3.5

    Rocket Launcher
    Reload Time: 3.2 > 3.5

    Laser Rifle
    Base Damage: 18 > 20
    Overheating Rate: 4 > 6

  • The Binance sniper's overlay has been modified

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the invincible and out-of-sync issue
  • Players are not kicked out of games anymore
  • Fixed a bug when selecting a female skin
  • Bullet trails have been fixed

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