Game Hunters x Light Nite X collaboration

March 17th, 2022

Today we announce that we’ll be doing an AMA with Game Hunters. These experimented crypto gaming Twitch streamers will be interviewing us on March 18th, 2022. Everyone will be able to join on Twitter Spaces and take part in the conversation, reacting and asking questions! During this event with Game Hunters several topics will be discussed such as Light Nite’s plans for the future, our new NFT collection, the upcoming tournament and more.

“Happy to be interviewed by Game Hunters. We’re excited to share news, answer both our communities’ questions, clear all doubts about future updates and exchange views with our users. ” — Light Nite team

Feel free to join, react and ask your questions in the chat!

TIME: March 18th, 2 PM CET


Best of 4 games of 30 Players

Prize pool: 1 LIGHT NITE X NFT (valued in 300$ in pre-sale), 2 Whitelist NFT pre-sale spots.

About Game Hunters

Game Hunters is a guild of streamers that work in tandem with Yield Guild Games. Present on several social media, they keep their community posted with the latest play2earn games.




About Light Nite

Light Nite Legacy and Light Nite X are multiplayer battle-royale games with in-game rewards. Light Nite Legacy is based on Bitcoin and on a minimalistic low-poly & cartoonish design whereas Light Nite X will be launched shortly on Solana and will offer its own token $LNC.

Light Nite Legacy

The game has a circular economy model with in-game store where you can purchase & sell premium items.

Bitcoin rewards: The native currency of the game supercharged via Lightning Network to allow instant payouts.

Liquid assets: Assets have superpowers via liquid sidechain, own your skins & level up your gaming experience.

Light Nite X

Light Nite X is an evolution of Light Nite Legacy with a change of NFT infrastructure and a new design.

New blockchain network: this new version of the game will run on the fastest blockchain network: Solana. It will offer a brand new NFT collection with a new rarity system.

Free-to-play: the game will remain free-to-play and play-to-earn.