Patch notes

Welcome to v0.4.3.7 light niters!

This last weeks we’ve been making progress on the spectator mode and fixed the previous builds v0.4.3.5 and v0.4.3.6 that we decided not to publish due to unwanted issues.

As always, our dev team is paying attention to the community's opinion so make sure to share your feedback!

See you in the next one!

Here are the patch notes:

  • Some spectator slots have been added to all custom game modes. In DM/TDM, players can choose between being a regular player or a spectator. In BR, players can switch between regular player and spectator pressing ESC in the lobby
  • Reduced the punishments for leaving the game: 1st offence: none. 2nd offence: 2 mins. 3rd offence: 5 mins. 4th offence: 10 mins
  • Increased the crouch movement speed
  • Crouching doesn't cancel armor or health kit cast
  • Max Safe Falling Distance: 8 > 10 meters
  • Some adjustments have been made to the App icon, some sounds and the main menu
  • Added countdown sound in Battle Royale when game is starting (we will adjust it next patch)
  • Weapons’ balancing has been reworked:

Laser Weapons
Laser Maximum Damage Modifier: 1 > 1.2

Plasma Weapons
Bullet Velocity: 40 > 50

Rocket Launcher
Bullet Velocity: 20 > 40

  • The Cast Time for the Large Consumables was lowered from 4 to 3.5 seconds
  • We reduced the Immunity Secs in the Military Base from 12 seconds to the default value of 5 seconds

Bug fixes:

  • Some incorrect info was displayed in Spectator Mode’s scoreboard
  • Fixed an error firing a weapon after reloading
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Fixed the stacking number that does not update correctly in Spectator Mode
  • Fixed the kill announcement when a player commits suicide with rockets
  • Fixed the avatar preview in the lobby screen of DM/TDM games
  • Some spectator players used to appear in the BR leaderboard
  • The hand placement of weapons can’t get bugged anymore
  • Fixed some Elixir disconnection issues
  • Bullets don’t pass through some walls anymore
  • Some errors such as invisible walls and holes have been fixed in all Maps

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