Patch notes

Hey light niters, welcome to v.!

We finally implemented the in-game chat! We will add lobby chat and more chat features in the future.

We are preparing something for you this Christmas to thank you all for keep supporting Light Nite.

So please invite your friends and don't forget to follow us in social media to not miss the news: Twitter, Discord, Facebook. We are also looking to optimize the game again to improve FPS. See you in the next patch notes!

Here we are with another patch notes:

  • Players can now communicate through an in-game chat on the battlefield: we hope you keep it friendly and make new friends in Light Nite! Remember that you can be banned for bad behaviour.
  • A new penalty system has been implemented:

1st leave of the day: 10 minutes ban
2nd leave of the day: 20 minutes ban
3rd leave of the day: reduce 300 sats - 1 hour ban
4th leave of the day: reduce 500 sats - 1 day ban

  • Weapons have been adjusted:
    Revolver: damaged increased from 48 to 51
    Pistol: damage increased from 11 to 12
    Melee: Damage reduced from 60 to 50
    Laser Rifle: damage incresed from 10 to 18
    Laser Pistol: damage is up, from 8 to 12
    SMG: magazine capacity is now 25 from 22 bullets

  • Added Sniper sounds

  • Added bullet sounds: when a bullet is missed near you.
    You will hear bullets pass by or hit the ground/wall.

    Bug fixes:

  • Battle Royale Map fixes

    For bug reports please go to Please share your feedback below about this patch