Patch notes

Hey light niters,

Here we are with another patch notes. This week we have fixed some bugs and added scoreboards.

We are setting the grounds to do the first test of the season pass.

See you in the next patch notes with more news!

Here are the patch notes:

  • Players can now check the scoreboard `Tab`

Weapon balancing:

  • Assault Rifle Damage: from 15 to 17
  • SMG Magazine Capacity: from 22 to 25
  • A custom Battle Royale solo game without prize pool can now start with only 2 players
  • We removed some walls in the city

Bug fixes:

  • Laser Rifle was not doing constant damage. This was making the Laser Rifle more damage than intended
  • Several Battle Royale map glitches
  • When player rapidly clicks Ranked TDM repeatedly, there is a chance that will load both maps

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