Light Nite: An Upcoming Revolution

Unlike other conventional games, Light Nite is a play-to-earn game, allowing its users to earn crypto coins, mostly bitcoins. The game is a battle royale, similar to most shooting games out there. Nevertheless, a game of this sort can actually help incentivize your wins. As seen through the latest updates, Light Nite was just recently introduced this past 11 November on Steam while being available in the Elixir Game Launcher. However, Steam is not accepting NFT games at the moment.

Even as of right now, the game possesses an outreach that is limited since most people aren’t even aware of the existence of these games. However, the outreach of Light Nite is only bound to increase as soon as more and more people start finding out about the true potential of playing games and being able to earn money while doing so.

Light Nite Recent Updates

As seen through the changes made between 9 December and the present moment in time, there have been numerous updates so as to make the game better for the “Light Niters.”

Just recently, in-game chat and a “Score Tab” was added so as to allow players to view their scores, all the while there were major fixes with regards to some of the most commonly used weapons. Even now, Satoshi's Games that created Light Nite is working on bettering itself, so you’re always encouraged to report any potential fixes at

Now, it may also be important to note that Light Nite held a community event on 10th December, choosing around 16 winners from a total of 16 games. In addition, another event is expected to be held soon on 24th December with even greater rewards.

The upcoming Christmas Special event would allow players to compete for 280k SATS and around 4 Premium +  1 Rare NFTs within the game.

It may also be imperative to note that Light Nite is continuously working on bettering its rewards for its loyal gaming community.

Just these past few days, Light Nite has given out over 1.5 BTC to different players of the game, belonging to different regions all over the globe. However, this is simply the beginning.

What Does the Future Hold?

Currently, it shouldn’t be far-fetched to state that Light Nite holds a considerable amount of potential. The game has just been implemented on Elixir and is still making waves on a global basis.

Season Pass and more surprises will come this 2021 Christmas.

Light Nite Esports will start making the pillars for the competitive ecosystem in 2022. Are you ready to be the best player?

Light ⚡ Nite - December 16th Community Event

Furthermore, the game is expected to gain more and more players once the stakes are higher and the prizes are all the greater. Nevertheless, only time will tell what the future truly holds!