Introduction to Light Nite – Battle It Out to Earn Satoshis (SATS)

The first Battle Royale game of its kind in which you can earn a fraction of a bitcoin called the Satoshis, SATS or simply S, has taken the gaming scene with much enthusiasm. The game is still under early access and requires you to buy it with $20 to try it out. Light Nite is expected to release sometime in 2022. In this article, you will get more information about the game and its different features, so let’s begin.

Light Nite

What is the Genre of Light Nite?

Light Nite is a battle royale at its core having similar modes to other battle royale games where you can play both solo and team battle royale.

What does Light Nite do differently?

The main difference that Light Nite has with other games is its inclusion of the Play2Win model, in which under certain modes, you can win bitcoins by winning the match. You can either use earned Satoshis to buy NFTs in their Elixir Marketplace, or you can cash them out. Satoshis is a fraction of an actual Bitcoin, where 1 Bitcoin = 100,000,000 Satoshis. This is the first time a battle royale game uses this concept. The game promises a full-fledged market and other enhancements when it launches as it is still under early access mode.

This concept of providing a decentralized game giving access to players to earn and trade SATS is still new. It builds on the fact that players with skill can earn from their great plays and actually make a living out of it. This concept will allow more players to be attracted to the game, not just because of the Battle Royale genre but the possibility of earning bitcoins.

LightNite - Battle Royale Play2Earn

What is the Costing model in Light Nite?

For now, the game costs $20 to play, but the developers are considering making it free to play sometime in 2022 when it launches with a seasonal pass model. The game allows you to earn bitcoins by shooting, as is said in their promotional material. The best part about this model that Light Nite employs is that all the merchandise has a real value attached to bitcoins or SATS. These SATs use the lighting network to make the coins decentralized. You can use different bitcoin wallets to access the money in the game, like BlueWallet, an app for Bitcoin Wallet.

How are the Game Visuals and Aesthetics in Light Nite?

The game is a low polygon somewhat reminiscent of Minecraft or Minecraft dungeons in its looks which helps it be less taxing on PCs. The game has a cartoonish design that is easy on the eyes and doesn't need high-end PCs to look good.

What Platforms is Light Nite Available For?

For the moment, Light Nite is available only on PC and that too, through the Elixir launcher, which is a different platform by Satoshi's Games that mostly has games in which you can play and win to earn bitcoins or rather SATS.

What Modes are Available in the Game?

According to their disclaimer, the game is still under development which contains minimal features but is new ones are added with each update.

Player Count – up to 64 players can play the battle royale mode. You need to either enter a room to play or create a room from scratch allowing other players to join you. With the future update, the developers will add a better UI.

Missions – The game employs daily, weekly, and Season Pass missions to grant you XP for clearing different missions. You can earn bitcoins for completing some of these missions, especially in the Season Pass.

Modes – For early access, the game has two types of battle royale mode, solo, and squad. The same modes are also available for Play2Earn battle royale modes, where players have a chance to earn bitcoins by killing opponents. So, in the total following are the modes for Light Nite:


o Battle Royale solo and squad mode

o Team Deathmatch

o Deathmatch


o COVID-19 Survival

o Shooting Circuit (Military Base: Close Quarters combat facility)

LightNite - Earn Bitcoins Season Pass

What are the PC requirements to Play Light Nite?

Following are the Minimum Requirements to play Light Nite:

· Memory: 4 GB

· Graphics Card: Intel HD 4000

· CPU: Intel Core i3-3225

· File Size: 2 GB

· OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

· Memory: 8 GB

· Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7870

· CPU: Intel Core i5-7300U

· File Size: 2 GB

· OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

What are the Pros and Cons of Light Nite?

Following are some great aspects of the game:

· As it has battle royale mode has both ranked and unranked, the game will be competitive just by the nature of this play style.

· You can obtain SATS just by playing the Play2Earn modes in the game.

· Even though this concept of earning bitcoin in a game is still in its infancy, the game has a growing player base active on discord. These players are eagerly awaiting the full-fledged launch of the game.

· You can exchange coins and NFTs in the Elixir marketplace with other users to earn more money.

· Due to simplistic graphics and low polygon count aesthetics, the game can run on low-end systems easily.

Other than the pros mentioned above, the following are some cons that can be ironed out until the game's launch, and the developers can add more enhancement.

· The game is still under early access, and it requires purchasing the game to access gameplay.

· Only available on PC. Mobile versions are still in the pipeline.

· The game is still running in the testing phase and under development. It might take some time for it to be fully fleshed out game

How to Communicate with Other Players?

The game has recently included the chat system in its recent updates, but you can join Light Nite’s Discord for an active community of more than 6,000 members. In the discord, there are anywhere between 1k-2k users always online. You can find similar players to play with you on the discord and learn more about the game here.


This game is a great source and option for people looking to make an earning playing a Battle Royale game. Even though Light Nite is still under development, the game system seems promising. With more and more updates, and until the game's launch, the developers are working hard to present a functional game that will be fully ready when it finally launches. The success of this game will open doors for other developers and publishers to go down the same route. In no time, playing games will not just be entertaining; players can finally earn side cash by playing the games they love.