? Patch notes

Hey light niters,

We have finished the new menus. We hope that you like it! Let us know your feedback here.

There were performance issues in the patch but we managed to improve it in this patch. However we believe that we still need to optimize it but we will have to do it after we add missions. We are so CLOSE for the first Light Nite missions!

Like we said in the last patch notes: we are aware that still some players are having issues with the Easy Anti-Cheat installation. We need to wait for the EAC update (handled by Epic Games).

See you in the next patch notes!

Here are the patch notes:

  • New user interface: main menus, in-game menus (it might be laggy for some of you but we will look to optimize it)
  • News section in the main menu
  • Option to disable skin effects in the settings
Settings - Skin effects
  • Small tweek of sniper scope (scope crosshair is smaller now)

Bugs fixes

  • Battle Royale map fixes
  • Battle Royale safe zone could occasionally stop shrinking

For bug reports please go to https://issues.lightnite.io/

Please share your feedback below about this patch in the Reddit post.