Light Nite Esports

Hello folks,

Some of you wanted more competitions, have their own skin in Light Nite and even dream of being the best player. While we are in Early Access we want to begin making the pillars of Light Nite esports and it starts with YOU, players & fans.

? Starting on November 19th 2021, the Light Nite Evolve Series will begin. These tournaments will be grounds to train and improve your skills for next year's Light Nite biggest events.

? By the Q2 of 2022 the Light Nite Championship Series (squads) and Light Nite Hodler Cup (solo). We will share more details in a few months.


Light ⚡ Nite Evolve Series is a series of Battle Royale SOLO tournaments created by Satoshi's Games to start building the Light Nite competitive ecosystem. This is one of the first steps to organize competitive play.

These tournaments will be streamed in the official channel of Satoshi's Games every Friday at 10 PM CEST.



Light Nite Evolve Series 1 (registration open)

November 19th

Light Nite Championship Series

Battle Royale SQUADS tournament in Q2 of 2022. In the prize pool there is custom rare skins for the squad and a legendary skin for each team member.

Light Nite Hodler Cup (BR SOLO)

Battle Royale Solo in Q2 of 2022. In the prize pool there is custom premium, rare and a legendary skin for the winner of the Hodler Cup ?.

We hope you support us in the journey!