Patch notes

Hey light niters,

? We are happy that you liked the new menus!
We are preparing to add the missions to Light Nite.We are also working to add more sounds to the game. After the missions, we will try to focus on improving more the gameplay!

So please keep sharing your feedback on Reddit.

See you in the next patch notes with more news! ?

Here are the patch notes:

Easy Anti-Cheat update to v1.14.1.

Epic says that they fixed some or all of the issues related to failed on launch issueHowever, if you are still encountering the failed-on-launch issue, please send us the EAC log file (%AppData%\EasyAntiCheat\service.log), we will then pass the log to Epic and it should help them on identifying the root cause.
PS: For Windows players, please manually uninstall the EAC Windows service and reinstall it back. (By clicking on the uninstallsrv.bat and installsrv.bat in the game installation folder, in that order)

Battle Royale Safezone balancing

We heard your feedback about the ring being slow and too big. For now we will go with these numbers, we might need to adjust more so please keep sharing your thoughts!

Tier 1
Wait Secs: 45
Shrink Secs: 40
Radius: 800 > 600Damage per second: 1
Tier 2
Wait Secs: 60
Shrink Secs: 150 > 120
Radius: 600 > 400
Damage per second: 1
Tier 3
Wait Secs: 60 > 50
Shrink Secs: 100 > 80
Radius: 500 > 300
Damage per second: 2
Tier 4
Wait Secs: 50 > 30
Shrink Secs: 70 > 60
Radius: 400 > 200
Damage per second: 5
Tier 5
Wait Secs: 50 > 30
Shrink Secs: 60 > 30
Radius: 300 > 100
Damage per second: 8 > 6
Tier 6
Wait Secs: 40 > 20
Shrink Secs: 50
Radius: 200 > 50
Damage per second: 10 > 8
Tier 7
Wait Secs: 30
Shrink Secs: 40
Radius: 100 > 0
Damage per second: 10

Weapons balancing

We still need time to add recoil and other mechanics to the weapons, like the ability to swap weapons while reloading, but at the moment we can adjust these stats. Our objective is reduce the instant kills but at the same time get fast kills if you are skilled enough.

Headshot multiplier damage from 2 to 1.8

  • Shotgun:
    Damage increased from 14 to 16 (per pellet). Fire Rate increased from 30 RPM to 60 RPM.
  • Revolver:
    Damage increased from 33 to 42. Fire Rate decreased from 200 RPM to 60 RPM.
  • Assault Rifle:
    "We feel that AR is too strong, this was also giving more advantage to campers because you didn't have time to react or counterplay and there is lot of room of error because of the magazine capacity. We will try with these new stats and see how it goes."
    Damage reduced from 23 to 14. Fire Rate increased from 420 RPM to 620 RPM. Magazine Capacity decreased from 30 to 18 bullets. Reload time 2s to 2.5s.
  • SMG:
    Damage reduced from 16 to 11. Fire Rate improved from 650 RPM to 730 RPM. Magazine Capacity reduced from 30 to 15 bullets.
  • Pistol:
    Damage reduced from 16 to 11.
  • Grenade Launcher:
    Fire Rate reduces from 30 RPM to 20 RPM. Magazine Capacity reduces from 6 to 4.
  • RPG:
    Fire Rate reduces from 30 RPM to 20 RPM.

Battle Royale Weapon Drop Rate

We reduced drop rate probability of: bows, laser pistol, plasma pistol, plasma rifle, sniper rifle, rocket launcher and grenade launcher. More chance to find the following weapons: assault rifle, sub machine gun, pistol, revolver and laser rifle.

Bugs fixes

  • Irrelevant error logs when entering Battle Royale
  • Battle Royale Map fixes

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