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Get the Elixir launcher

Go to and click on the Download button at the top of the screen to get the launcher.

What is Elixir?

Elixir is a bitcoin gaming platform developed by Satoshi's Games in 2021. Elixir brings the fun of playing games while you getting rewarded with bitcoin and NFTs like ? Satvival. It has his own bitcoin NFT marketplace where you can sell your in-game skins to earn more!

Start Elixir and play Light Nite

Login with your Light Nite account (same email and password) or create your Elixir account if you're new on the game! ?

Go to "Library">"My Games" and click on "Download" on the game's picture. Press the PLAY button and start playing Light Nite!

Helpful Information

Temporarily, Elixir games folder will be at the user folder. This PC > Local Disk > Users > "Username" > Elixir Apps

You can install Elixir to multiple computers and download your games to those computers through your Elixir account.

Find more games in Elixir gaming platform where you can earn more bitcoin like ? Satvival or sell your NFTs in the Marketplace.

Join the Elixir Discord server to interact with the community and not miss news!

For more in depth guide about Light⚡ Nite:

Learn more about the rewards:

Join the Light Nite community and ask questions: