Patch notes

Welcome to v. light niters!

We added in-game reports to Light Nite! Please use it wisely and don't abuse it. We know that there is a lot of farmers but with the help of our community we will improve the game experience overall. Don't forget that we have community events to have fun all together!

We are preparing Light Nite for the first tournaments with the custom games and spectator mode improvements coming soon!

See you in the next patch players.

Here we are with another patch notes:

  • In-game player report

Players can now report players on the scoreboard section

  • Battle Royale Pirate Ship now flies across the map in a random straight line every game
  • Battle Royale custom games

- The room host can kick players on the scoreboard section (only possible during the waiting room stage)
- Countdown timer is removed from custom BR games. The room host should manually start the game with Start Game button in the game pause overlay

  • More ambient sounds on Battle Royale map

-Wind-blowing sounds for the volcano hill area, the long stairs connecting the desert and the castle area, and the entire desert area
-Ambient sounds for the swamp, there is a swamp locates at the north-west corner of the castle area
-Ambient sounds for the waiting room area, and the fort in the north of the desert

  • Weapon balancing
    Sniper bullet speed has been increased to 500 (was 390)

Bug fixes:

  • Battle Royale map fixes

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