Patch notes

Welcome to v. light niters!

We added audio improvements and fixed a lot of bugs! We are now planning to improve the Spectator mode and we estimate more or less 1 month for this. So get ready for the Light Nite tournaments!

We received your feedback about the sniper. We will increase the bullet speed next patch so please keep sharing your thoughts about the sniper.

See you in the next patch!

Here we are with another patch notes:

  • Free Battle Pass rewards update
  • Added warning before quitting in-game

Audio polishing for the BR map:

  • Pirate ship sounds
  • Hoverboard sounds
  • Initial falling sounds
  • SFX near the storm
  • SFX near the coastline
  • SFX near the creek or lake
  • Fly-by SFX of plasma & rocket missiles
  • Battle Royale map optimizations

Bug fixes:

  • Battle Royale map fixes
  • The cosmetic impact VFX of rocket or plasma missiles does not trigger when the missile hits the player's avatar
  • The cosmetic trailing VFX of missiles may not get rendered if it has been shot from the back of current controlling player
  • In the Shop & Equipment screens, the draggable area does not match the avatar. (it's a little bit skewed to the left)
  • In the Room creation screen, the thumbnail image does not update according to the map selection
  • During battle, switching from the first-person view back to the third-person view occasionally triggers unexpected muzzle flash VFX
  • Opening the Settings dialog can cause freezing
  • If player stays on the pirate ship longer enough, he get the storm damage even though he is still in the safe zone

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