We are happy to announce this partnership with one of of the most reputed brands in the Cryptocurrency space. For Satoshis Games it is a logical step to partner with companies offering the highest standards of security, to give our users peace of mind when storing their bitcoin, the currency natively used in Light Nite.

So it's a honour for us to bring to our community this unique limited series of Light Nite customised Trezor wallets, that any gamer concerned with security will love to have.

This beautiful edition has been designed and crafted with a lot of care and detailed work from both companies, and will be released under a limited batch of 50 units. Make sure you grab yours as soon as you read this!

What is Trezor

Trezor is the original and most trusted cryptocurrency hardware wallet designed and marketed by SatoshiLabs. The emergence of cryptocurrencies popularity and their native digital nature has forced the surgence of wallets whose custody is fully in the hands of the user.


Currently Trezor devices can support more than 1,000 coins and tokens. In addition to this primary function Trezor  has many other security applications, such as password management and second-factor authentication.

Since its launch in 2014 with the first generation Trezor One model, a great amount of new funciontality and usability have been added to the last release, Model T, which makes it the most mature product of its kind in the market. Gamers concerned with security of their digital assets and general cybersecurity will find in Trezor the perfect product to store their bitcoin!

How is the Trezor Wallet?

Trezor model T is the last generation of hardware wallets, designed with the experience from the original Trezor in mind, and combined with a modern and intuitive interface for improved user experience and security. It contains a truly powerful processor inside (ARM Cortex-MR at 168Mhz) an LCD touch screen, and a Micro SD card. Of course it is compatible with most used desktop and mobile OS.


For the more techie side of Light Nite gamers, Trezor's open source architecture allows any user verify it work in Github and adds customisation and compatibility to further integrations.

What is included in this bundle?

Specially for security lovers among the gaming community, we wanted to bring a special bundle of items adding a bit more colourful and fun touch to the serious character of security.

This bundle pack includes premium digital content available for the owners of the Trezor Lightnite limited edition. This pack contains premium features that no other users can obtain.

So, here's what we prepared for this special offer:

  • Exclusive Light Nite limited edition of the Trezor Model T with a customised silicon case
  • An voucher to access Light Nite game current pre-alpha version
  • Collection of 6 unique skins (NFTs) designed by Trezor & Satoshis Games
  • A pre-charged balance of 200 000 sats in bitcoin in your Light Nite account
  • Set of Light Nite stickers designed by Trezor & Satoshis Games
  • A cool Light Nite poster with dimensions 100cmx70cm

Premium Skins (NFTs) & Map locations

A highly detailed selection of skins designed by Trezor and Satoshis Games, for champions of privacy. We have taken perfection into consideration to have a the most beautiful result of a gaming representation of Trezor agent into the game.

Unique Missions

Access to special missions & co-op challenges to unlock skins and rewards for additional enjoyment. This will be activated automatically once our battle-pass is implemented. Check out our roadmap to find more details about deadlines and next features.

Special Merch

A poster and sticker pack designed with every little detail in mind, bringing a unique aesthetic to your gaming rig. Wow! We are merging crypto & gaming to make bitcoin mass adoption a reality. Wanna join us?

When gaming meets (hardware) security

Bitcoin opens a door for permissionless circular economies within gaming experiences, leveraging new gaming experiences where time added to a game can extract liquid value that can be redeemed to other external commodities or goods.

Not only a circular & permisionless digital economy such as bitcoin are attractive enough for gamers but also a provable technology that guarantees the ownership, supply and security of their in-game content such as skins. Through the medium of Bitcoin-based NFTs, our in-game assets use the latest bitcoin technology, allowing them to be tokenised using the liquid sidechain.


With the Lightnite limited edition Trezor, players can securely withdraw their balance to their hardware wallet and enjoy a next-level gaming experience.