Patch notes

Welcome to v. light niters!

Some of you already saw the news that we are making a Solana version of Light Nite
Light Nite Bitcoin version (Light Nite Legacy) will still continue and dev team spend some time this week to fix some critical bugs like invisible players or dead bodies that could move.
Light Nite Legacy will still continue and we will still try to make it profitable. So we are going to make changes in the play to earn system of Legacy version.
See you in the next one!

Here are the patch notes:

  • Easy Anti-Cheat upgrade to v1.14.2
  • Epic Games claims the crash-on-launch issue particularly happens on macOS Monterey should be fixed in this version but we find the issue still persists. We have informed Epic Games.
  • According to the EAC release notes, it also fixes the crash-on-launch issue occasionally observed on a Linux host.
  • Battle Royale map improvements

Bug fixes:

  • Invisible players bug
  • Dead body moving bug
  • Health out of synch bug
  • Invisible/invincible players bug
  • Quitting a ranked BR game after died should not trigger the withdraw warning
  • Leaderboard on the end-game view may not be able to scroll to the bottom when are more than 10 entries
  • The decorative laser beams can be stopped by the colliders which are used for defining the audio regions of environment sounds (observed in BR map)
  • Join a closed custom DM game can result in creating another DM game that no one else can join

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