Overview and context

The web3 gaming ecosystem, specifically, has dramatically changed over the last 6 months, and with it, the strategies of dozens of great games whose goal is making the most fun and safe experience for their communities, always putting their outstanding gaming experience ahead of any other reward to their users. That’s the true nature of game products, over which other objective and tangible advantages (web3 enabled in this case) can be added as long as they don’t distort the fundamental principles of what must always be an entertaining activity.

At Elixir Games, we should keep exploring the web3 gaming landscape thoroughly, identifying failure and success precursors, continuously listening and testing with our communities and adopting swift models and strategies that offer today's bests prospects of sustainability and success.

As an example, we see that NFT-based economies in games steadily gain traction supported by the unquestionable and practical benefits associated with ownership of assets operating in highly liquid ecosystems. Unlike NFTs, the sustainability of Token based economies in games remains in our sight still uncertain, and the balance between pros (economic and governance utilities) and cons (vulnerability to speculation) is yet to prove positive. Hopefully, this year's outcomes from game projects following different approaches will shed light on models to follow and avoid.

NWB - Cinematic Intro

Meanwhile, we have decided to take a cautious approach and focus our building activity on what we believe has more solid foundations. In the case of Light Nite and its evolution, No Way Back, that means focusing on NFTs as the most valuable assets that not only accompany the gaming experience and social interaction but also have proved to be much more resilient in the secondary market for the benefit of their holders. The token issuance for NWB will stay on hold until there is better evidence of comparable, successful token-based models.

Finally, we are consolidating our departure from last year’s “Play 2 Earn” models that have proved unsustainable in the long run.

Loot Pack Program

Disclaimer: No Way Back is a game under development. Some assumptions and small details affecting the implementation of the Skins or in the current alpha release may change for the players' benefit after this post's publication.

Our community means a lot to us, and we sincerely appreciate and respect the players who have been there since the beginning. This is why we wanted to welcome players to the No Way Back adventure and why we designed a Loot Pack Program.

Among these loot packs, players will find two different reward entities. These packs are oriented to the first playable pre-alpha version of the game, so we wanted to step aside from promises and intangible rewards that aren't clear at the moment and stick to what we can provide with the current progress of the game.

NWB - Early Gameplay Footage

Sats Rewards Balance (From Elixir Market)

You'll be able to withdraw your sats from your account from the 1st of February at 9 AM to the 2nd February at 9 AM without any withdrawal limit through the legacy Elixir Market Wallet.

Light Nite Holders 👉 Airdrops in other games

Light Nite players who're still holding light nite skins will have access to a number of NFT airdrops from other games as part of the journey with us.

We're actively making different collaborations with games from Elixir Launcher, to have cross-IP drops that will benefit Light Nite & NWB users.

Pre-alpha access

Gives exclusive access to the pre-alpha of No Way Back before its release.  We want our OG members to be the first ones to try the pre-alpha of the game in exclusivity. We've been working hard since the release of Lightnite, and we want our early supporters to be the first ones to enjoy what we have been crafting with love. Among the benefits, this will give them a slight advantage for the opening tournaments, which are planned to happen with the pre-alpha release.


This game is structured on top of its entertainment value and not by its financial aspect. This makes the Skins of No Way Back the most valuable element of the game, and even though the strategy described in this post could experience slight modifications, this is the reason why we wanted to include them as rewards in these loot packs.

NWB - Skin Conversion
NWB - Skin Conversion

NWB Skins represent in-game customisation of game elements and will remain as off-chain data until it's minting. According to our strategy, this will depend on the user implication in the game: playing with a skin will allow a player to mint it. On top of this idea, all skins will have a limited number of minting supplies, so only some will be able to mint them as NFTs.

The skins mentioned in this post are not exclusive to the loot packs (except for the "Founders Shovel"). These skins will be available in the No Way Back store until the minting supply is reached. Until then, future players will be able to purchase them.

According to this definition, the players eligible for these loot packs will be the first to own No Way Back skins. Also, players will have the advantage of accumulating experience by playing and likely be the first to mint them.

Founder's Loot

As a thank to our original players, the Founder's Loot is claimable for all existing players that own Lightnite, depending on the moment they jumped on board, will make them eligible for one of these two loot packs:

NWB - Early Bird Loot
NWB - Early Bird Loot

Holder's Loot

Disclaimer: All Lightnite assets are still playable in the game and will remain like this while the Lightnite servers are up.

We wanted to have special consideration for those users that have purchased assets in LightNite. Preserving value remains an important matter we want to solve in the best possible way. We are addressing this through a swapping scheme that is equally fair and simple to implement.

All users' Light Nite assets purchased in the lightnite store (or its later version in the Elixir Launcher) that weren't sold in the secondary market, are taken into account to swap by an asset pack with equal or higher value in the NWB game.

We are happy to announce that a new transition program has been set and will be deployed according to the calendar included at the end of this post, offering all Light Nite’s NFT holders fair compensation for the assets they hold:

NWB - Tier 3
NWB - Tier 3
NWB - Founder
NWB - Founder

Procedure for the effective conversion

  • Email notification: After the announcement of the post, all eligible users will be notified via email with their corresponding loot packs.
  • Claiming period: To redeem the loot packs, players must log inside the game with their access codes before the pre-alpha launch.

Thank you, and see you on the battlefield!