Light Nite FAQ

Updated: November 25th 2021

Is Light Nite free to play?

Light Nite is a premium play to earn game that is currently still in its ALPHA phase.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. There is no physical bitcoin, only balances kept on a public ledger that everyone has transparent access to.
There are only 21 million bitcoin, This makes it an anti inflationary currency that’s designed to store spending power and provide a decentralized network that the USERS control, unlike the traditional banking system.

What is lightning bitcoin?

Lightning bitcoin is bitcoin on the Lightning Network.
The Lightning Network is a "layer 2" payment protocol designed to be layered on top of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. This enables instant transactions and much lower transaction fees compared to the main network.

How can I use my bitcoin balance?

You can use your balance in the to buy NFTs or withdraw it to your private lightning bitcoin wallet. You can also use your balance in +3000 stores worldwide.

Withdrawing your balance in Elixir

Can I earn bitcoin playing Light Nite?

Yes, Light Nite is a ''play to earn'' or "play2earn" game. You simply need to play and win some games to start earning. Check how many sats you can earn in each game mode on this page:

What are sats or satoshis?

Sats (satoshis) are the smallest unit of a bitcoin. Just like a dollar or euro has cents (1/100 or 0.01), bitcoin has sats (1/100,000,000 or 0.00000001).

What is the maximum I can earn in one day on Light Nite?

Currently you can get up to 5000 sats per day. You will be able to earn more sats in the future by doing missions, battle pass, winning games or competitions.

Here you can find more info about how you can earn rewards:

> Updated: September 22nd of 2021 Greetings guys! We are on our way of making the missions system in Light Nite.Missions will give you bitcoin and some events give you limited NFTs. Missionswill take weeks before it arrives to the public version. We thought of thissystem to reward you for playin…

How do I earn NFT’s in Light Nite?

You can earn NFT's by participating in community events and tournaments.

If you don't know what is a NFT, check this link.

How do I withdraw my Sats from Light Nite?

Go into the Elixir Launcher, click on “Marketplace”> "Wallet">"Withdraw". Create an invoice in your lighting compatible wallet for the preferred withdrawal amount and input the invoice info into the elixir wallet. Finally click "Withdraw".

How much can I withdraw from Light Nite per day?

The amount you can withdraw per day depends on your withdrawal tier. Share your referral link with your friends so you both get the benefits as well as increasing your withdrawal tier!

How many referrals do I need to increase my Tier? And how many sats will I be able to withdraw for each Tier?

Check all details below:

- Tier 1: 5.000 sats
- 5 referrals - Tier 2: 10.000 sats
- 10 referrals - Tier 3: 20.000 sats
- 20 referrals - Tier 4: 40.000 sats
- 40 referrals - Tier 5: 80.000 sats
- 80 referrals - Tier 6: 160.000 sats
- 160 referrals - Tier 7: 320.000 sats

How do I buy / sell / trade NFT’s?

Go into the Elixir Launcher and click "Marketplace".
Search any NFT you would like to buy by clicking on the "Market" button on the left. In "Wallet" you'll be able to check all your assets and their value. To withdraw an NFT click on it and select "withdraw". To sell an NFT double click on it, click on "View in market" and then "Sell". Finally in "Activity" you'll find all NFTs you put on sale and their status.

Do we have true ownership of the NFT’s we win?

Yes, everything you win goes into your wallet and you can do as you please with it.

Can I win premium/rare/legendary skins in the game?

You can win Premium skins by participating and winning in community events and tournaments.

What are the differences in the kinds of assets available?

Common NFTs have an Unlimited Supply and Premium NFTs have a capped supply of 500. Common and Premium NFTs can be won by participating in community events and bought in the marketplace from the store or other players, Rare NFTs have a capped supply of 100 and can be bought from the store or other players, Legendary NFTs are capped at 1 and can only be won in special events or bought from other players!

Can the supply of NFT assets change?

Yes, the supply of certain NFTs can change if the assets are burned (destroyed intentionally) by other players making the supply smaller and the value of the NFTs higher.

Can I deposit Sats into my Light Nite wallet?

Currently this feature isn't not possible.

Where do I find my Light Nite referral code?

By going logging into your account on the Elixir lancher and clicking on "My Account">“Referrals”>"Referral links". Click on "Copy to clipboad" and you'll be able to copy and paste it.

Referral link - Elixir

Does Light Nite have controller compatibility?

Yes, you can play using a controller/gamepad.

How do I pick up / drop / change my weapons in the game?

By pressing the “X” key on your keyboard (unless changed to a custom binding in your settings). Press “E” to pick up; “X” to drop; numbers or mouse scroll to change the weapon slots.

My weapon is empty! What should I do?

Drop it or pick up more bullets for your specific weapon and get back to the fight!

Can I add my friends so I can play on the same team as them?

Yes, by going into the “Friends” section in-game and adding them with their 6 digit game I.D.

Can I create a game only for my friends?

Yes, by hosting a private match.

Can I gift the game to a friend?

Yes, you can provide them with your referral link for a 20% discount, or even purchase the game for them by paying for it.

Where do I find information on Light Nite updates?

On Twitter (@lightnitegame), on our Discord channel and on Reddit (r/LightNiteGame)

How can I report a bug?

  • Add a comment on our feedback website :
  • Click on the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Or go into the Lightnite Discord channel and state the bug in the #feedback section
  • Don't forget to add screenshots or even a video if possible as well as indicate all details that could help us investigate the issue to be fixed.

How can I report a cheater?

You can report a cheater to an admin by going into the discord in the #feedback section with proof of the cheater's name and tagging @Admin.

Make sure to check the Elixir FAQ for more information :